SOJAG AGM 2017 Held

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The Annual General Meeting of SOJAG General Body was held on Saturday, November 25, 2017 at its Headquarters located in Shailan, Dhamrai, Dhaka. Twenty two out of 25 members attended the meeting.

The Director of SOJAG, Mr. Abdul Matin, at the outset, informed the house of the demise of Mr. Abu Taher, a member of the General Body. The house observed a minute’s silence in his honor and for his services he rendered to SOJAG.

The Member Secretary & Director of SOJAG apprised the members about the development and other activities of SOJAG and also the planned activities to be undertaken in the coming year. The activities performed during the last year and programs and activities to be undertaken in the coming year were approved by the General Body.

Currently SOJAG’s working areas extend to 350 villages of 45 Unions of 9 Upazilas of Dhamrai, Savar, Kaliakoir, Gazipur Sadar, Mirzapur, Saturia, Singair, Nagorpur and Manikganj Sadar under 4 districts. It has 13 Branch Offices located at Shailan, Dhantara, Noihati, Sombhag, Kawlipara, Nannar, Balia, Rowail, Bohuria, Dhamrai, Talebpur, Zirani and Bhabkhondo.

Mr. Mohammad Ferdaus, President, SOJAG presided over the meeting.


Cow Fattening Project Under Livestock Program

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Cow Fattening Project Under Livestock Program (Dec 2016 – Nov 2017)

Summary of the Project as of 25-10-2017


No, of Cattle heads distributed                       – 15,031

Total Loan Distributed                                   – 473,447,000

Total Amount of Loan to be Collected           – 563,264,883

Actual Amount Collected                               – 552,993,010

Outstanding                                                   – 10,271,872

Rate of Repayment                                         -98%

Amount of Insurance Collected                     – 6,178,550

Amount of Insurance Paid                             – 4,036,300

Surplus                                                           – 2,142,250

Number of Cattle Died                                   – 125

Mortality Rate                                                – 0.89

Training/Workshop for SOJAG Staff

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A training program/workshop on SOJAG Web and other matters will be held on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 from 10:00 am at SOJAG Center in Kalampur. The workshop will be participated by SOJAG management team from the top to the level of Branch Managers and Program Officers. An orientation on newly modified SOJAG Website and email systems will be provided.

This will be followed by a luncheon at SOJAG Dairy Farm (at the newly constructed Livestock Center) at Shonartek, Shailan.

SOJAG Center

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The 8-storied SOJAG Center was built primarily provide training to its staff and to hold training workshops and seminars. Each floor has a space of 3000 sq. feet. The building houses the office and studios of SOJAG Radio, Training rooms, hostels, meeting rooms and an auditorium. It has a space for youth involved in ‘out-sourcing’ work. The topmost floor has sound proof studios and the office of SOJAG Radio under its Community Radio Program. The 6th floor has the cafeteria; 5th and 4th floors have dormitories to house 70 participants. There are four VIP rooms as well. The Conference room is housed on the third floor with a capacity of 250 persons. Second floor has the space for out-sourcing work employing youths. A heavy-duty generator (85kva) has been installed, an 8-person lift set up and functioning.

The Center has 8 dormitories which can accommodate 50 participants. There are 4 VIP rooms with AC facilities and attached bath. There are two training rooms (one big which has seating arrangement for 25 and a smaller training room for 15 persons). There are two mini conference rooms as well.

The big Conference Room has a seating arrangement for 200 persons. The Dining Hall at the top floor can cater to about 70 people at a time. It is staffed with a full-time cook and serving staff.

The Center is equipped with a heavy-duty generator ensuring power supply at all times.

Training equipment— overhead projectors and other materials are also available.

Broadband internet connections are also available on demand.



  • Big Conference Hall: 5,000
  • Training Room (Big; Seating capacity-25): 2,000
  • Training Room (Small; Seating capacity-15): 1,500
  • VIP Room – 4 Double Bed (AC/Attached Bath): 1,500
  • Bed Room – 6 Double Bed (Attached Bath): 1,000
  • Dormitory – 8 Rooms; Bed: 50: 300/person
  • Breakfast/person: 100
  • Lunch/person: 250
  • Dinner/person: 250
  • Snacks/person: 75
  • PS: 15% VAT applicable on all charges


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Livestock Service Week

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A week long government sponsored “Livestock Service Week” was organized throughout Bangladesh. The Ministry and the relevant Directorate as well as NGOs participated in observing the week.


SOJAG and ACME Pharmaceuticals jointly organized a day-long gathering of the local Cattle and Poultry farm owners as a part of the week-long celebration. Around 1200 local farm owners attended. The day was marked by holding a rally followed by a discussion session in which speakers from the Government and private sectors exchanged views and opinions with the farm owners and what needs to be done to improve services benefitting the farm owners.

SOJAG Seed Plant

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Agriculture being the foundation of Bangladesh economy and coupled with the fact that 85% of SOJAG’s target population is dependent on agriculture, SOJAG in 1999 launched Agriculture program with assistance from DANIDA. The main objectives of the program were to disseminate correct and appropriate information on crop technology, increase efficiency and effective utilization and use of agricultural inputs for maximizing yields and output. One of the main objectives was also to provide much needed credit to marginal farmers and share croppers. Credit recipients had to return loans in single payment after harvesting. The rate of repayment was 100 percent. The program ran for six years with very encouraging results.

This experience led SOJAG to initiate and launch Agriculture Extension & Credit program in 2005 with financial assistance from PKSF (Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation). While the objectives and goals of the Program have remained the same, it now covers more geographical areas and ever increasing number of marginal farmers and share-croppers. The Program details are as follows:

Through this Program farmers are provided with modern agricultural practices along with much needed credit for agricultural inputs. Considering the cost of production SOJAG provides Tk. 5,000 per biga and a maximum of Tk. 30,000 per farmer. Farmers now use this credit to raise Boro, Amon and winter vegetables. It can be mentioned that the rate of repayment is 100 percent.

In keeping with SOJAG’s objective of boosting agriculture production and helping farmers augment increased income, SOJAG has launched its Seed Plant Program. The facility will have storage capacity of 700 metric tons of different high yielding varieties of paddy processed with the installed Cleaner and Grader machineries installed in the Seed Plant.

SOJAG has plans to sell 100 metric tons of Foundation and TLS paddy seeds (BRRI DHAN-29, BRRI DHAN-50 and BRRI DHAN-58) to about 10,000 of its contact farmers for 2016-17 Boro season.

The sale price has been fixed as follows:

  • BRRI DHAN-29 (Foundation): Tk. 60/kg
  • BRRI DHAN-29 (TLS): Tk. 50/kg
  • BRRI DHAN-50 (Banglamoti – TLS): Tk. 50/kg
  • BRRI DHAN-58 (TLS): Tk. 50/kg

The rates compares favorably with other NGOs and firms, however, a little higher than the government rate because of the subsidy that it provides.

Taka 40 Crore Loan From Trust Bank

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The Trust Bank Limited, a private commercial bank sponsored by the Bangladesh Army Welfare Trust, has approved a loan of Tk. 40 crores (400 million) to SOJAG. The checks for Tk. 1.5 crores and Tk. 38.5 crores were handed over to SOJAG by the Governor of Bangladesh Bank in a simple ceremony held at the Conference Room of Bangladesh Bank. The Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank and top management staff of the Trust Bank were also present on the occasion.

A total of Tk. 1.5 crore was made available to SOJAG under re-financing from Bangladesh Bank to be given as agriculture loan to farmers at the flat rate of 9.5%.

Tk. 18.5 crores was provided for agriculture loan to be given to farmers thru SOJAG groups at 11%; Tk. 10 crores for setting up a 500-ton capacity Seed Plant. Another Tk. 10 crore has been provided for setting up of 1000 biogas plants over a period of 3 year.

Reception for GPA-5 Students

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Each year SOJAG organizes receptions for the recipients of GPA-5 (A+) students of all Dhamrai schools, Madrasahs and Vocational Institutions. This year (2015) also a reception was organized for 124 students who obtained GPA-5 from 30 High Schools, 11 Madrasahs and 4 Vocational Institutions located in Dhamrai Upazila. Of them 99 students from High Schools, 3 from Madrasahs and 22 from Vocational Institutions came out with highest performance.

The function was organized at the village Shailan (Head Office of SOJAG) with the honorable MP, UNO and Teachers and other dignitaries of Dhamrai being present. The students were provided with gift hampers including books, two Dictionaries and a crest.

The guest of honor, Member of Parliament of Dhamrai, in his speech, emphasized on the need of maintaining the same level of performance and perseverance in the coming years.  Dhamrai Hardinge High School & College was awarded a special crest for the highest number of students obtaining GPA-5.

Celebration of Bijoy Dibosh

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SOJAG brought out a colorful rally in celebration of the Victory Day. About 200 staff of SOJAG participated in the rally that started from Kalampur to the Jatiyo Smriti Shoudho and from there to Dhantara Branch. After a brief stopover for breakfast the rally proceeded on to Kawlipara Branch via Kushura High School and Bazar. The celebration was rounded off with a cultural show at Kawlipara.


Holding of Dental Camp

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A Dental Camp was organized by SOJAG with the assistance of SAPPORO Dental College and Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka ( on Friday, November 14 at Shailan under its SOMRIDDHI KOROMOSHUCHI (ENRICH Program) being implemented in Sombhag Union. About 300 patients were treated in the day long camp. A total of 19 Dentists, including 4 Internees from SAPPORO, performed the various dental procedures including tooth extraction.

Patients came from all the 21 villages and many others from adjoining villages. The Dental Camp was organized as an ongoing program to ensure primary health care to the inhabitants of the Union. SOJAG workers did a PR campaign well in advance to inform the villagers on the venue and date of the camp. The number of people turning up at the Camp shows that it was huge success.

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