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mushroom-whiteIn order to enable families and farmers to grow high nutrition content fruits and vegetables, 30 persons, including 20 women, were provided training on mushroom cultivation from the Mushroom Development and Extension Center at Savar. So far 1,700 Spawn packets have been distributed amongst them.



Nasir is one of the lucky ones to be alive. But his story was so amazing that belied reason and logic! He said he was on the 8th floor and as the building started to shake he was so driven by panic that he just jumped out the window from the 8th floor and landing on a tin roof seven floors down.

His whole body was riddled with cuts bruises but his skull, he said, was almost disjointed! He fought for 41 days in the hospital during which time the doctors did a major sewing up work to put his skull back! Amazingly he can walk now and with no visible neurological disorders! There are other stories of such miraculous escapes from certain death!

This program, especially for rural women for increasing their social awareness and income generating activities, is being implemented in 348 villages of 44 unions under 4 districts. A total of 13,522 women have been brought under this program. Currently, 7,584 women are on the rolls receiving credit with more than 80 million Taka and their total savings amount to Tk.35,593,900. For the long term safety and security, Insurance scheme for them has been introduced. Each member pays Tk. 50 per year as premium and to date 129 members or their husbands who have died have been paid more than taka 1.2 million. SOJAG plans to distribute Tk. 550,000 as credit to 500 destitute women in 2013-14.

Agriculture_Credit_Farmer_Insurancea) Agriculture Credit & Farmer Insurance

In 2013 SOJAG provided credit to 14,907 farmers the total outstanding of which amounts to Tk. 1,872,310,038. In an effort to extend insurance coverage for the farmers each recipient of credit is required to pay a flat insurance premium of Tk. 30 at the time of loan repayment. In 2012 Amon season at total of Tk. 306,491 was paid to 24 farmers who had died from the Insurance Fund. To date 221 deceased farmers have been a paid Tk. 2,444,020.

Demo_Plotb) Transfer of Technology: Seed Production and Distribution

SOJAG has been providing certified HYV paddy seeds - BRI 29- a high yielding rice paddy seed to its organized farmer group members. From reports it has been seen the growers have received increased yields which has resulted in greater demand for the seeds. Fifty tons of BRI 29 have been distributed to farmers and another 75 tons to contact growers already planted on 100 bighas of lands.



Guti_Urea_Productionc) Guti Urea Production

SOJAG has been implementing this program since 2008 to produce pellets of urea fertilizer in order to avoid waste and proper utilization. In the current 2013 Boro season, 298 metric tons of Guti Urea were distributed to 15,200 Boro farmers to be used in 14,500 bighas of land. To date a total of 42,100 farmers were provided with 1,585 metric tons of guti urea which were used in 77,250 bighas (23,198 acres) of lands.

In addition, Farmers were trained in echo-friendly and toxic free production of vegetables along with the use of 2,200 Pheromone Traps Lures for controlling pests.

Press Release / Notice

SOJAG Annual Report for 2015-16 has been published. To obtain a copy please email "info@sojag.org".