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SOJAG has reached 25 years of its existence in 2011. It is indeed a significant achievement for an NGO to carry out sustained activities and programs for poverty alleviation and development for 25 years. It is a noteworthy milestone by any standard and measurement. This journey of SOJAG which began in 1986 and an organization which was an infant has seen a tremendous growth over the past 25 years to make it as a stable organization. Felicitations and salutations are in order to all those members, workers and well-wishers who have provided unequivocal and complete support and cooperation during this long and arduous journey. Looking back it seems it was just the other day that SOJAG began its voyage.

Judging by the time it can be said that infant like SOJAG is now a fully grown matured adult. And judging by the distance and path it has covered during this period looks extensive. In terms of achievement and goodwill, SOJAG’s efforts have been astounding, to say the least. The likeness of SOJAG now is like a big banyan tree when one considers the fact that in 1986 it began its mission in five villages with only 3 volunteers and a meager fund of Tk. 10,000. In 2010 the status earned by SOJAG elicits wonder and admiration from all concerned. Today SOJAG’s working area extends over 335 villages of 28 unions of 7 Upazillas of 4 districts and the number of workers has mounted from 3 volunteers to 363 paid staff. The number of society or groups organized by SOJAG stands at 2,464; including 1,150 female and 1,341 male and the number of members of these groups stand at 35,367 including 13,982 female and 21,385 are male. Currently, the total ‘Outstanding Loan’ amounts to Tk. 57,44,43,929 and the total group savings amounts to Tk. 6,80,64,596. SOJAG now operates thru 12 branches of which 6 branch offices and a large demonstration farm were established in a land owned by SOJAG with its own resources. We must admit that over the last 25 years it is not that SOJAG has only witnessed success in all its endeavors. This long trek and journey have seen disappointment and failures as well. We have not been able to involve each and every poverty stricken family toward their poverty alleviation. SOJAG’s involvement and activities in Health and Education sectors have left much to be desired. The same is also true in Human Rights and Governance sectors. SOJAG envisages deployment of human and material resources in these areas in the near future. Finally, one significant feature SOJAG can be gratified is the demonstration of alternative development approaches which could generate interest and caught the attention of the NGO community of Bangladesh. In this year SOJAG is going to celebrate its silver jubilee or 25 years of existence. We greet and congratulate all its members, beneficiaries, partners and well-wishers for their continued support and cooperation even in the most difficult days of SOJAG. Words of appreciation are also due to a number of partner organizations whose support, cooperation and encouragement helped in the growth process of SOJAG and without which SOJAG would not have made to where it is now.
"সমাজ ও জাতি গঠন"

Press Release / Notice

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