Development Strategy

SOJAG firmly believes that poverty in a world of plenty, hunger in a world of abundance and powerlessness of people who have become marginalized in the society is unacceptable. SOJAG is committed to action and participation of all in an effort to combat poverty, illiteracy and all others forms of social evil. SOJAG was not established with any predetermined ideological framework. Analyzing the past, working on present and careful thought on future is the working procedure of the organization. Promotion of an enabling environment which ensures peoples participation is the focal point of SOJAG. By no means SOJAG shall advocate or undertake any program without people’s participation which, in itself is a challenging task but to which SOJAG stands firm. SOJAG envisages people’s participation as contribution beyond just mere physical labor or their presence at the time of implementation of projects or programs which do not necessarily ensure their fullest and effective involvement and participation.

Development strategies and ideas of SOJAG are ensuring peoples participation in the following three stages:

  • Decision making process which affect their lives and livelihood
  • Planning and strategy development process and procedure
  • Implementing, monitoring and evaluation of the development initiatives planned for, by and with them.

Therefore, the development perceptions of SOJAG are:

  • All development efforts should be aimed at the achievement of the fullest awakening of human beings which shall promote self-determination and governance
  • Development plans and programs should be integrated and it must be an effort of the people
  • Development should be people oriented and bottom-up
  • Group-wise organization structure should be initiated in the community according to age, income and profession which the villagers themselves can initiate, control and manage


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